You are in automatic mode

I notice how we go thru life doing routine things. When I say routine things / tasks , I don’t mean how you go to work or how you work or run family errands or events. You function like an automized machine as you think you are pursuing happiness in for the future. So what you do now is for the your happiness in the future. Every now and then you move in the right direction when all the circumstances and parameters (which are a lot) are right and you get happiness. This happiness is short lived because within a short period of  time, you will encounter changes in your life, either in your personal self,  people around you or the environment you live in. This causes the happiness to cease. You then spiral in anxiety and worry and maybe even sadness. Then you work hard towards getting a piece of happiness again. Well you get that happiness and after a while I it goes away again. So your whole life becomes automized like a roller coaster in pursuit if of happiness. This happiness myth is made up by your mind and ego. 

For example, when you bought that new car….. The smell of your new car smell and all the events around the new car such as; kids wanted to ride in it, wife or girlfriend wanted to go out on a Saturday afternoon for a drive around. After a few weeks the new car sensation is gone. Mud and dirt accumulates in the car. You wash it to see this the car new once more. You feel happy again for a moment. Then the first puncture and the first dent and the first accident occur. Your happiness disappears. Then the first break down happens.  You then search for happiness again. You might by buy a set of rims or new parts or even repaint the car. You are happy again. 

The car analogy is the same if you are accumulating wealth or fame. You find happiness which then dissolves into sadness and then you pursue happiness again. You find happiness again for a short period of time and then comes anxiety and fear. Up and down you go, in an automized mode. 

So you see the mind with ego is doing nothing more but keeping you busy with this ups and down of happiness. This is then tied to a path of time to keep you focused on a better future, which is an unknown one. 

How do you get permanent happiness then?  You don’t! What you really need is to make peace with what you have happening now. No matter what it is. Don’t let your ego or thoughts (from the mind) decide what you should feel. Don’t become your thought. Don’t become your emotions. Peace within yourself is always there, no matter what is happening out there in your life or environment. 

So when you get a new car, you are at peace. When your car breaks down, you are at peace. Permanently. Does that mean you don’t care about this car and you drive recklessly? No you don’t. You just realize there are so many elements which define happiness that it is impossible to find permanent happiness. You then decide that these external parameters (people, events, environment, government, politics etc.)   are not going to be the ones which define your happiness. You are going to connect with the peace within yourself. It is always there no matter what. Even just before your death , lying in bed seconds away from the death, the peace is the same as you can connect to now. This means if you find that peace now way before your physical death, the fear and ego you have are already dead. How wonderful would that be.



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