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I know it’s hard to keep up with a lot of free content out there, so why should you trust me? Let me walk you through a little about me.


A Nobody to Somebody – How It All Started

Success. That deep nagging reminder of what we strive to achieve every day, every week and every year. I always tell people: do what you love, listen to your intuition and eventually, success will have no choice but to follow!

But, does success mean working hard, and sticking to one occupation for the rest of your life?

As a teenager, I knew I had to wear many hats and be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.

There are no shortcuts to life and even if it meant working hard and juggling with more than one job, for instance, a tech leader, car racer and business coach. It was challenging, thus accomplishing them gave me immense satisfaction and thus success was endless!

Looking back, my dad was a hard worker and a complete family man. He motivated me to do what I love to do. He had come from India as a 14-year-old and worked his way up to become a well-respected technical person handling some of the most expensive and sophisticated construction machinery.

I remember him telling me that he loved anything mechanical and would stand for hours looking at a tractor or truck moving at the construction site. After lots of struggle and determination he obtained a license for diesel engines in ships, trains and huge Caterpillar machinery. All these were achieved through his own perseverance to succeed in life.

I knew what hard work meant and tasted like. Then the time came for me to venture into the working world. I started working as a product operator in a factory and one day my eyes caught sight this message on the notice board requesting for a system operator in the same factory. This triggered something in me and in 1989, I joined the IT department as a system operator. The rest is as they say is history.

Back then, public school was a time not just for textbook knowledge but for friends, breaking the rules when needed, crossing the line instead of staring it, accelerating my speed and most importantly, life was all about my make or break moments.

In a series of quick events, I spent two years in college and pre-u studying computer technologies. I was working as a IT executive and studying at the same time. Two years later, I decided to pause my studies and start experiencing what i had learnt. It was hands on time. Thus, I quit the last two years of university and focused on my IT career.

All the hours I spent learning and gaining knowledge paid off when one of the job I was applying for never asked me for paper qualification but instead noticed my public profile in technology. That gave me the boost and made me realise that. I was on the right path!

IT Leader to Racing Cars, Bikes and Flying Planes – Possible?

Racing… I must say is my passion and thus my racing suit was more of a treasured armor than just some Halloween piece. It made me feel special, empowered and free. I still remember that one time when I tried to change the main bearings in Honda CS250 motor bike and it was a mind-blowing experience.

As I was growing up, the world of motorcycles was an escape from life’s slow pace. It was very special to me as I connected to a machine which carried me at various speeds that allowed my mind to cease all the troubles and negativity in life. It was my mode of escapism where my focus was on the speed and the road ahead.

You could say that I reached a meditative state and the term ‘Motorcycle Meditation’ was definitely it! It took me away from everything else and made me live in the present moment. When this happens, you are in the flow. A flow occurs when you have an optimal life experience. This is when all focus and attention is on one activity. Just like how we should focus on improving ourselves based on the “now” and be creating an optimal experience in pretty much anything we do. It’s no point obsessing over something if there is a solution to it, and it is through riding and racing that led me to gain this perspective.

However, as I grew older, I moved from bikes to cars. My desire to race cars never died because I knew one day I will be there in the world famous Suzuki track winning a race and I did just that when I was 44.

I thought that racing cars and bikes would have topped the bucket list, but I surprised myself. In the late summer 1990s, I got my private pilot’s license and flew single engine propeller aircrafts for passion. It gave me utmost satisfaction. I had little to no help from my dad as I proudly told him I didn’t want to go to university so I can learn to fly. As a result, he gave me $5,000 to get started and the rest just happened like clockwork because I hustled hard from working three jobs and saved up a total of $30,000.

From Tech Leader to Hustle Master

That Turning Point

I hustled for knowledge. While many might think, they have acquired, I always feel, there is no end to learning.

One fine day it dawned upon me that if I don’t talk about who I am and what I can do, nobody will notice. Thus I started making a conscious effort to promote myself, to tell people about the things I am capable of and also have confidence in my accomplishments. However, we must always bear in mind that life is not always a bed of roses! I did reach a point in life where i was encountered by rejections but There came a point where I readily accepted them as I considered them to be part of the process of reaching my goals.

I realized that reaching my goals required understanding people and the way we function, why we do what we do to achieve greatness or put ourselves in trouble. Most people care about themselves for significant reasons. We can’t control the lives of others but we can definitely control our own. Similarly, we can never totally rely on anyone else but ourselves.


Thus, ultimately, if we don’t care about ourselves, no one else will. This was a turning point for me.

Being the youngest in my family, I had to take all the hand-me-downs, I had to run all the errands as I was the one left at home when all my elder siblings went away.

I realized then that if I did not take ownership for what I wanted, I was going to remain as the youngest sibling for the rest of my life and that scared the wits out of me. What if I was going to be compared to my elder brother all the time? I sat, reflected and knew that if I was going to wear the torn stitched pants belonging to my elder sibling then I would forever be that home boy who depended on his parents and had nothing to proof. Therefore, I made my decision then to venture out to make it on my own!


Why Experience4Live?

If there is anything you should know, it is the brutal truth – you are 100% responsible for what you create in your life!

Your thoughts, your emotions, define d what you are going to get in life. You are the master of your own life and you decide how and what you want to accomplish and get rid of. If opportunities don’t come, YOU CREATE THEM!

This can be accomplished with EXPERIENCE4LIVE (E4L). It is the right platform for those who have risen from scratch. It gives you a chance to present your stories, struggles and turning points. You could be a sense of inspiration to many out there. You could change some zillion lives.

Unlike YouTube which has thrown its hat in a crowded ring of cat videos, E4L is a value-driven platform on perspective learning and sharing. E4L will allow anyone, anywhere to present a webinar of life’s lessons, ultimately people empowering people.