Truth will liberate you from yourself.

Truth is very painful. God / Universe is always sending you opportunity to be truthful. This is the chance you are being given to liberate yourself. Yet you resist again and again because of your attachment to pleasure, wealth and all things of comfort in this world. I am not saying you should not have this things of comfort and pleasure and wealth. They are meant for the good of you and for you to do good upon others. If you make a lot of money, and you can help others in need and some charities you consider could benefit.

Another example is you would like to keep someone with yourself. You  know if they knew the truth, then she/he won’t stay.  If they did, then they love you and are true to you. If they don’t then, it is their choice. They are as scared as you are. Yet you should always speak the truth and carry out truthful actions.   You will lie to get money from someone so you can spend on things which provide comfort. The list goes on and on for not speaking the truth.

This is the one thing which is the most difficult for any one to handle.  To be truthful is to put yourself at risk of loosing someone, losing a job, losing trust, losing friends etc. Yes loosing this is merely an opportunity to allow more awareness of your self and yet we won’t let go.

The true realization of self happens when you face truth. It is the worst feeling yet it is the ultimate awakening of your Self. The identity you have of yourself, which is related to how you look, your attitude, your name, your job, your car, the address of your house and who you work for  and who you married to is not your real Self. All this are just an identity of you in this world. It is not your true self.

Speaking the truth is about being truthful to yourself. Truth to others is really meant for you. The benefit is for you. It begins your awakening and awareness of your Self.  You will experience the biggest lost once you speak the truth,  yet you would have found yourself the most.


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