It’s about the Journey, Not the Destination: Explained

You must have read by now the idea that having goals in life makes living meaningful. Meaningful means there is a purpose of life which is the goal. Purpose gives direction to one’s life.

Do you know why goals in life  are meaningful? Initially goals justify the effort they demand, but later it is the effort that justifies the goal as you start progressing towards the goal. No goal can have much value and meaning unless taken seriously. Each goal is made up of a set of action steps and consequences, and if one isn’t prepared to accept them and execute this steps, the goal becomes meaningless.

It is the effort to get to the  goal that makes the goal meaningful. It is the journey to the goal that matters. The efforts are the one which offers the opportunity to focus thoughts,  focus psychic energy, get feedback, improve one’s skill and learn new things, bringing happiness by keeping the mind and thoughts engaged without the mind running wild and thinking about what won’t work .

That said, in the current modern world, there are so many options to reach goals easier. When we see this goal we want is difficult , we find an easy option to get the same goal and hence reducing the effort to get the said goal. End results is getting the goal is not that satisfying.  Imagine climbing a mountain with your bare hands or getting a helicopter to fly you to the top of the mountain. Which you think is more satisfying ? The goal of climbing the mountain with your bare hands of course. It requires so much focus because a lapse in focus could get you killed.  Reaching the top gives you so much for satisfaction. Hence the journey is what makes the difference.

This applies to relationship too. One gets married because the spouse seems worthy of sharing one’s life with, but unless one then behaves as if this is true, the partnership will appear to lose value with time. There is effort to be put in place to make the marriage as what you perceived it to be. You cannot cut short the efforts and hope the spouse will be the same worthy you thought initially.

Personal experience has shown how a partner in a relationship walks out when things got tough. They wanted easier effort to the goal of  having a house, a man with no past, comforts and even without the crazy love. Love is not important to them . They gave up when things got tough.  The strongest couples are those who had taken the toughest of  journeys together. Walk thru things which would have usually torn others apart. Yet they come out stronger and satisfied with the end goals they achieve together in their lives.

Now you know why, it is not the destination that matters. It is the journey. We all want to get to the destination because that is what we only see at the beginning. How we make the journey to the destination is what makes the destination of value. Stay committed in all that you need to do for your goals. Goals become valuable because of the commitment you have.

As I wrote at the beginning, purpose gives direction to one’s effort in life. This are the efforts which require for achieving a goal. Having a purpose does not mean it makes life easier. Goals can lead to all kind of troubles, at which point one get’s tempted to give up goals and find something less demanding. The price one pays for changing goals whenever opposition threatens is that while one may achieve a more pleasant and comfortable life, it is likely that it will end up empty and void of meaning.
In summary, have a purpose in what ever you do.  To achieve the purpose / goal, there are actions to be taken. Follow thru with this actions. This actions are suppose to make you strive, learn new skills and improve on the one you have.  They let you focus your energies and thoughts. When your thought and energy are organized, your emotions also gets organized. When all of this are going in the same direction, you achieve harmony in your mind, body and soul. You life becomes a constant flow experience. You have access to peace.

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